My name is Paul, I am the director of the Casas Bonela team and I am based in Malaga. I have over a decades experience of property sourcing, interior design and renovation. We have put together a team of professional that, led by me, guide you through all aspects of what you are about to do. From location and property sourcing to understanding the processes involved and making your purchase happen we offer financial advice, all aspects of administration, renovation and interior design with a ‘turn key’ service, and crucially for many clients a long term support service.

Completing my degree back in 2004 in Hispanic Studies has meant I have spent almost two decades now immersed in Spanish culture and the lifestyle. I understand the systems, processes and crucially the people through and through as do my team.

You can rely 100% on the fact that we will be your eyes and ears throughout the process we are about to go through together. Whether you are looking for a holiday home or let, a relocation and permanent move to the area or equally investment opportunities. We represent all of our customers with the same consistent determination for excellent, fast results. After all, you are coming to us to make life easier. That is what we do.

Financial advice, legal red tape, visas and all the rest of the stopping points in-between you and what we are going to achieve together can be handled at our end. We are here to get the best result for you, on the best timeline possible.

It all starts with making contact.